Lonny Bernath – How to Start a Business While Working

Lonny Bernath is an entrepreneurial professional who has begun personal business endeavors while working full time positions. If you’d like to start your own business and work at the same time, like Lonny Bernath did, you’ll need to manage your time carefully and stay motivated. Without proper motivation and planning, being both an entrepreneur and a business professional can become overwhelming. The following steps might help you get started.

Establish Your “Why”

If you connect with your “why,” or the reason you’re putting the effort into started a business, you’ll have an easier time staying motivated. Whatever your why is, you will need to remind yourself of it when you’re working longer hours than normal and hitting the difficult times that come with starting a business.

Make a Day-by-Day Plan

Spend the time to make a plan with small steps that you can complete every day, and keep a list of these steps where you can see them. Taking measurable steps toward your business each day helps make tedious tasks and long hours more bearable.

Stay Positive

It’s important to stay positive about your day job while you launch your business. Even if your “why” is because you hate your boss, remind yourself that you’re lucky to have a paying position to support yourself while you launch your startup.

Professionals like Lonny Bernath are often more than willing to speak with aspiring businesspersons. Try locating entrepreneurs in your area and asking if they’d mind an in-person chat so that you can learn from them.