Lonny Bernath – Online Marketing Team Skills

IBM Corporation sales manager, Lonny Bernath, is both an entrepreneur and formal businessman who manages a company with his wife in addition to his management position. Together, the couple has used online marketing to turn their clinic, Pediatric Advanced Therapy, around from where it was when they acquired it. Though Lonny Bernath had decades of experience going into the endeavor, he still considered online marketing team skills like those below:

  • Social Media – Social media management creates an organic presence that can foster brand loyalty. Potential customers will often visit social media accounts liked by their friends, so a large social media audience can serve as an advertisement in itself.
  • Web Design – Web design is more important than ever before in online marketing. With customers logging on from all types of devices, an effective web designer is required to ensure cross-platform compatibility. Many customers do all of their browsing via phone or tablet, for example, and if your website performs poorly on their device, they likely won’t give it a second thought.
  • Data Analytics – Analyzing your data will allow you to see where your customers are coming from and how they’re using your website. This can help you modify your company’s presence to better suit your average customer, increasing profitability.
  • Search Engine Optimization – A search engine optimization (SEO) specialist can help your company quickly gain more exposure. The price of some advertising will also lower with many companies when your website has better SEO.

Considering points like those above, as experienced professionals like Lonny Bernath do, can help you increase the effectivity of your companies and campaigns by a large margin.