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Lonny Bernath – Foster Positive Corporate Culture

Lonny Bernath is a sales manager within the IBM Corporation and an entrepreneurial professional currently managing a successful business. When professionals like Lonny Bernath approach a business, they typically notice its corporate culture and whether or not it is positive or damaging. Corporate culture is easy to overlook, but it can have a significant impact on a business’s success. If you manage a business, fostering positive corporate culture with steps like those below can help you excel in your industry:

Define the Future and Past

By maintaining a consistent view of your company’s future and past, you keep everyone on the same page. This tells your employees where you’re headed, what the company’s history is and what to expect as the norm. By filling employees in on these points, you give them an idea of how they need to behave and what they should aim for. Also, if you ever need to fire an employee for underperformance, you can cite your company’s goals as the reason why.

Outline Image and Values

Conveying your company’s brand – its images and values – to employees is just as important as conveying its brand to customers. Your employees need to understand the image your company maintains and the values it upholds. By adding positive values that are unrelated to profit, such as donating a penny of each dollar earned to a charity, many companies motivate employees to work harder.

Another step that helps to foster positive corporate culture is to study the businesses of those like Lonny Bernath, who have already succeeded. Taking a tip or two from your competition is good business practice.