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Lonny Bernath – How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Lonny Bernath is a successful entrepreneur in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2003, he founded a successful company called Headline Capital Management, and in 2014, he purchased and then expanded Pediatric Advanced Therapy in Mooresville, North Carolina. He has a great education, including a Master of Business Administration from M.I.T. He has worked hard to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy career path. The first step in succeeding as an entrepreneur involves a business model. Planning is an important key to success. A business model will help you plan out every detail of your business. This model essentially calculates how you will make a profit by taking your expenses and every other aspect of your business into account.

Succeeding as an entrepreneur also requires hard work. After you open your business, the first few years may be a struggle. Your business will require a lot of work and a lot of man hours. In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, you will also need to be tenacious. It often takes new businesses a couple of years to become profitable. You will need to continue to work towards your goal no matter what difficulties you face.

Successful entrepreneurs are often ambitious and hardworking individuals who have a vision for a great business. These individuals work hard and put in long hours in order to see that vision become a reality. Lonny Bernath is an experienced business owner and entrepreneur who has worked hard to make his company in North Carolina successful.