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Lonny Bernath – What you Should Know About Business Models

A great business model can help a company succeed. Lonny Bernath earned a Master of Business Administration in 2003 from M.I.T. He is an experienced business owner and entrepreneur who has a great education. He has worked hard to make his companies successful. It takes a lot of work and dedicated to make a company successful. Starting a business often requires a lot of time and planning.

Developing a business model is a great way to help make your future company successful. A great business model can help you plan for your company. A business model is simply a plan that determines how your company will make a profit. It takes several factors into consideration and helps make future projections.

A business model considers the expenses of your business. Every business has expenses of some type. These can include taxes, wages, insurance, and the costs of renting an office space or retail space. A business model helps calculate how much you will need to charge your clients or customers to cover those expenses and make a profit.

Planning is key in succeeding as a business owner. Developing a business model can help you plan every financial detail of your business. In order to create a business model, you will need a working knowledge of business management. This can be obtained through education or through independent study.

Lonny Bernath is a successful business owner in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has launched two business and he is the owner of an outpatient clinic in North Carolina.