Lonny Bernath Born Into An Ancient History

Lonny Bernath is by birth a Northerner, born in Middletown, New York State in the United States.  Middletown comprises two important parts of the future of Lonny Bernath.  First, it is part of the metro complex which has become the Hudson River Valley, running north to south in New York State.  Second, the Hudson River Valley has long been the corporate base of Bernath’s employer today, the International Business Machines Corporation.  The Hudson River of New York State has cut through ancient sandstones, redbeds and gneiss stone which ranges from the Precambrian period to the Triassic, flowing through fjords created during past ice ages.  Stone cliffs which are more resistant to erosion have risen on the west side of the river, now 400 to 800 feet high.

Lonny Bernath was born in what is referred to as the Hudson Lowlands Ecoregion, which was filled by a glacier during the last ice age which reached to Long Island in the south.  The Great Lakes drained down the Hudson River at the end of the last ice age from the ancient Lake Iroquois, the remnants of which are known today as Lake Ontario.  The Rome Sand Plains are the remains of sand deposits left from the Lake Iroquois drainage.  The Hudson Valley is inhabited today by descendants of the first Europeans to arrive in the 17th century, such as Lonny Bernath and the 3 to 3.5 million residents in what has become the Hudson Valley metropolis area. Today’s millions were preceded by the Mahican and Lenape Native Americans, known as River Indians in vastly different times.


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