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Lonny Bernath Completes Bachelor’s at Florida International University

Lonny Bernath graduated with Honors from Florida International University in 1993, taking with him a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and a great deal of skill and ambition. Bernath joined Entenmann’s Incorporated in Chicago, Illinois as the result of a promotion, and 2 years later moved over to Nabisco Corporation in Chicago, Illinois. Bernath worked as an engineer and a Project Manager for both facilities, improving the physical plants. Bernath’s next move, to Frito Lay in Plano, Texas, took him into the area of marketing. Bernath designed and launched innovative display solutions, as well as organizing effective rollouts by organizing managers and contractors to test markets.

Lonny Bernath wed Julie during his time at Frito Lay, and decided upon a bold addition to his resume by enrolling at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study Financial Management and Financial Engineering. Bernath and wife Julie moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2001 for his studies, and his first daughter Abby was born during his time there. Bernath also began to utilize the nuts and bolts of his financial academics by founding his firms Headline Capital Management and Headline Partners Limited Partnership as he worked toward his Master’s in Business Management.

The MIT Sloan School of Management where Lonny Bernath studied houses the business school of the University. The Sloan School offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degree programs. The Master’s of Business Administration course of study is extremely selective, and the MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology is ranked #1 in a great many of its disciplines.