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Lonny S. Bernath – Ways To Improve Your Business Processes

As part of his work with Pediatric Advanced Therapy, which he purchased in 2014, Lonny S. Bernath has been very involved with improving the business processes of the practice in an effort to help it provide better services to patients. There are a number of things that you need to do in order to make improvements to the processes within a company, with the below all being important steps that you need to take.

Analyze Current Processes

Before you can start making improvements to the way a business operates, you must first analyze all of the existing processes. This will allow you to identify what needs improving, which can usually be spotted by looking for inefficiencies and high costs that don’t appear to be necessary. Make a list of all of the processes in the company and prioritize them based on which ones need the most improvement. Focus on these areas first and then work your way down the list.

Create A Plan

Once you have identified a process that needs to be improved, you need to create a plan of action that you wish to implement. One of the best ways to do this is to create a flowchart that documents the workflow involved in bringing the process from its initial stages all the way through to completion. Look at each step of the process in detail, as this will allow you to identify areas where staff need more training or phases that are operating poorly. This initial flowchart should document the current process and be used as the basis for the plan that you eventually create.


Now that you know everything that you need to know about the current process, you need to go about redesigning it. Using your flowchart as your base, start to document the improvements that you wish to make, while always being mindful of what such changes might signify for other phases of the process. It is best to work directly with people who are involved in the process for this step, so that you can learn about grievances that they may have and things that they need to learn to implement the new process.

Acquire Resources

Once you have created a strong plan of action, it is time to make sure that the company has everything that it needs to implement the process improvements. This could involve anything from new computer software through to training classes. Itemize these resources and confirm that you can purchase them with your current budget.


Lonny S Bernath recommends that you don’t implement the new process until you have all of your resources in place. When you do, make sure that you take into account any training that needs to be done, while also considering how to roll out the process properly.