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Lonny S. Bernath – SEO Techniques To Avoid

As the former owner of AtoZ Companies, Lonny S. Bernath was responsible for managing as many as 20 different websites, helping their owners to create strong online marketing strategies in the process. This often involved making use of a variety of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. There are a number of practices that you should look to avoid if you are interested in improving the SEO of your own website.

Keyword Stuffing

This is the technique that the majority of new website owners end up using, often completely innocently at first. Keyword stuffing is the process of taking a word or phrase that you want to rank well for in a search engine and using it constantly throughout your content. While use of keywords is encouraged, overuse results in the content reading unnaturally, providing a poor user experience in the process.

Buying Links

Good backlinks are essential to the success of a website, but poor backlinks can lead to it being penalized to such an extent that it may never recover. A good general rule of thumb is to assume that any link that you have to pay for is a poor link. This is because such backlinks are unnatural, rather than having been given to you as a result of the quality of the content on your site.

Hidden Text

Lonny S. Bernath notes that some website owners still try to use the antiquated method of littering their pages with keywords and then changing the color of the text to match the background of the page. This is easy for search engines to spot and often results in deindexing.