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Lonny S. Bernath – Key Business Management Tasks

As the owner of Pediatric Advanced Therapy, Lonny S. Bernath is responsible for completing a wide range of tasks that are required in order to ensure that the business runs efficiently and stands the best possible chance of enjoying growth. There are a number of key tasks that all business managers must be capable of completing, regardless of their positions within their companies, including all of the following.

Your team members are your most valuable resource as a manager, so it is important that you use your own knowledge and experience to the benefit of the people working for you. By providing plenty of opportunities for the people on your team to develop their own skills, you motivate your workforce and make it more productive.

Managers must be capable of developing ideas and projects from conception through to completion, which means that they must be able to plan effectively. They understand that a lack of focus within their projects leads to inefficiencies and employee frustration. As such, they are capable of prioritizing their own time and that of their team members.

Lonny S. Bernath notes that many of the people who are new to management positions often come to obtain them because they have excelled in other areas. This can often lead to them trying to take on as much of the work as possible when they are given responsibility for new projects. Those who succeed as managers understand that effective delegation is important, which means knowing what they can do and what needs to be passed on to people with different skillsets.